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Go Ahead and Pledge!

Posted on January 24, 2019 in Uncategorized

You pledge allegiance to the flag of the corporate states of America, and to the banana republic for which it stands, one very sick nation, under corporate management, easily divisible, with liberty and justice for the filthy rich. Teach this to your children. Be honest with them just this once, then brainwash them just as is done to us day after day. It’s the “right” thing to do.

“We have erred and strayed from thy ways like lost sheep. We have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts. We have offended against thy holy law. We have left undone those things we ought to have done, and we have done those things we ought not to have done. There is no health in us.” From the old Book of Common Prayer – A General Confession. I have been observing the lost and sick people who surround me and cannot help but see the mind – body connection. By the time illness becomes the focal point of people, they are likely beyond all reason. I hear the most incredible things from the mouths of loved ones who reject healing as a life option. Sick people should be under the same social restrictions as felons. No voting, no jury duty, no weapons, no jobs.

Sick people become totally dependent upon the very corporate greed that made them sick. They reject healing and beg for more abuse, at public expense, whenever possible. Kevin Trudeau writes a book (Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About) that exposes both the sickness and corruption. He implies himself corporate enemy number one – and rightly so. Ralph Nader he is not.

I have one neighbor too sick to read any book. I have one parent who has read it and intends to make no changes as a result. Another who doesn’t want to know. I have a friend who calls himself a dead man and has read enough of the book to know it is he alone who has chosen death and still prefers that choice. Take that healing far from me – all I want is misery and a lot of sympathy.

This whole attitude begs examination. Though it begins with the universal poisoning in the womb and mother’s milk, in the egg and in the sperm; if we can just reach adulthood and cultivate an interest in health or disease, we have a fighting chance for a decent, loving and productive life. But because we are sick, we are easily distracted. We are all afflicted with attention deficit disorder. We pay now – and later. We can’t learn to read or can’t derive meaning from what we read. It’s not our fault, but what can we do? We are so sick and tired! The blind lead the blind, the greedy lead the greedy, the sick lead the sick and there is no health in us.

Kevin points out there is a health care crisis but that is not what we want to deal with. We want sick care, like those I mentioned earlier. Take care of me I beg you – I am no longer capable of caring for myself – or anything at all. What then is the duty of those in this sick society who have not yet reached that miserable, hopeless point?

The answer is to become an example. A model. Let the sickos see it is a personal choice we make to be sick and consequently, stupid. One follows the other in either order. Sickness follows stupidity – stupidity follows sickness. I have seen the proof with my own eyes and so have you. The sickness is no accident. We don’t get sick, we grow sick. It is strictly a matter of the speed with which we sicken. There is no such thing as sudden illness unless it is caused by trauma. Nine out of ten sudden deaths are likely side effects of legal drugs. But then, who cares?

And how do those of us who have not succumbed to hopeless suffering and stupidity, set examples for the rest? We read and heed what Kevin says in his book, on his TV infomercials, in his newsletters and at his subscription web site: While Kevin’s focus is on the food and drug industries as prime examples of anti-life corporate greed, he knows every industry and government is likewise plagued. But we must begin somewhere and personal health is that point. Love your self and then the rest.

Never have we had a champion of the people who makes more sense than Kevin. And never has the appearance of such a champion been more timely. Our corporate masters are poisoning our great grandchildren and we pay them to do it. Tell me how clever that is. Do you know why we pay them? We pay them because it is more convenient to pay than to withdraw our support and do business with people who give a damn about their neighbors. In fact, we often run such people out of town. We have a serious convenience addiction, custom made for us. We have claimed the slave mentality as our birthright and die defending that choice, whether in a foreign land or in our poisoned homes, workplaces and all points in between. America is like Snow White, enjoying that beautiful apple and drifting off to await the Prince. No, no, please don’t eat that apple! Ring a bell?

Kevin gives sound advice. If we don’t like it all, that does not matter. The point is, there is room for improvement in all our lives and by making small ones, one or a few at a time, all life improves. I owe that much to me and you. You owe that much to you and me. Read Kevin and see how easily we can retire this social debt and improve the world. If it sounds like a big job or goal, it is not. The smarter you get, the better I feel – and the better I become. That is what you want most, isn’t it? “Wisdom is the principle thing. With all thy getting, get wisdom.”